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  1. RootFS: Fix /etc/issue generation (detail)
  2. Toolchain: linux headers 3.16.x: update to v3.16.7 (detail)
  3. Toolchain: linux headers 3.14.x: update to v3.14.24 (detail)
  4. Toolchain: linux headers 3.12.x: update to v3.12.32 (detail)
  5. Toolchain: linux headers 3.10.x: update to v3.10.60 (detail)
  6. Toolchain: linux headers 3.2.x: update to v3.2.64 (detail)
  7. Set next version to v1.8.0 (detail)
  8. Host tools: ccache: update to v3.2 (detail)
  9. Revert "Linux Kernel image build: use olddefconfig to set new symbols to their default values" (detail)
  10. Linux image build: give ability to add extra command line options (detail)
  11. Linux modules build: overcome build system preventing further install in rootfs after the first one (detail)
  12. Linux modules build fix (continued) (detail)
  13. Linux modules build: do not define empty recipe (detail)
  14. Build system macros: add embtk_abspath to compute absolute name of paths passed as argument (detail)
  15. Build system: use absolute path name of download directory (detail)
  16. Linux kernel image build: make sure to use abspath for .config file and source tree (detail)
  17. Host tools: ccache: update v3.2.1 (detail)
  18. Toolchain: gdb: explicitly set CC_FOR_BUILD (detail)
  19. Toolchain: uClibc: explicitly set HOSTCC to avoid it to default to gcc (detail)
  20. Toolchain: llvm/clang: add v3.5.0 and drop v3.3 support (detail)
  21. Toolchain: move addons kconfig to a dedicated file (detail)
  22. Build system: export embtk_pkg_srcdir macro (detail)
  23. Toolchain: linux: use buildir based on embtk_pkg_srcdir value for linux (detail)
  24. Build sytem: internal macros: simplify clone of pkg specific branch (detail)
  25. Toolchain: linux headers: give ability use a git repository or and custom tarball source tree (detail)
  26. Toolchain: linux headers: fix build when the source tree is git repositoy (detail)
  27. Toolchain: linux modules: fix build when git repository is used as source tree (detail)
  28. Build system: packages: give ability to autoreconf from command line (detail)
  29. Build system: Host support: add HOST{JAVA,JAVAC,JAR} (detail)
  30. Packages: New classpath: add v0.99 (detail)
  31. Packages: New jamvm: add v2.0.0 (detail)
  32. Packages; jamvm: correct set classpath install directory (detail)
  33. Packages: classpath: install flat glibj (detail)
  34. Build system: rebuild packages if its configure options changed (detail)
  35. Linux kernel build: fix extra command line (detail)
  36. Linux image build: add mkimage as dependency (detail)
  37. Linux image build: improve modules install (detail)
  38. Toolchain: linux: forward V= make command line option (detail)
  39. Toolchain: llvm/clang: update v3.5.x to 3.5.1 (detail)
  40. Toolchain: compiler-rt: requires c++ compiler (detail)
  41. Packages: jamvm: use embtoolkit package mirror (detail)
  42. Toolchain: glibc: add v2.21 (detail)
  43. Toolchain: glibc: disable werror introduced in v2.21 (detail)

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