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  1. Toolchain: glibc: drop v2.20 support for the moment (detail)
  2. Toolchain: eglibc: update v2.19 to latest svn revision available (detail)
  3. Toolchain: eglibc: update v2.17 to latest svn revision available (detail)
  4. Toolchain: linux headers: add v3.15.x (detail)
  5. Toolchain: linux headers: add v3.16.x (detail)
  6. Toolchain: linux headers v3.2.x: update to v3.2.63 (detail)
  7. Toolchain: linux headers v3.14.x: update to v3.14.19 (detail)
  8. Toolchain: linux headers v3.10.x: update to v3.10.55 (detail)
  9. Toolchain: linux headers v3.12.x: update to v3.12.29 (detail)
  10. Toolchain: linux headers v3.4.x: update to v3.4.104 (detail)
  11. Set next release to v1.7.0 (detail)
  12. Toolchain: gcc: drop v4.5 and v4.6 support (detail)
  13. Toolchain: binutils: add v2.24 and drop 2.22 (detail)
  14. Toolchain: binutils: use more generic patch for -ldl on BSD systems (detail)
  15. Toolchain: binutils: also patch DLOPEN_LIBS for -ldl on BSD systems (detail)
  16. Build system: __embtk_decompress_pkg: add .txz as a tar.xz compressed archive (detail)
  17. Packages: sqlite: use embtoolkit packages mirror (detail)

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