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  1. linux headers: update linux-3.10.x to v3.10.83 (detail)
  2. linux headers: update linux-3.14.x to v3.14.47 (detail)
  3. linux headers: update linux-3.18.x to v3.18.17 (detail)
  4. linux headers: update linux-3.12.x to v3.12.44 (detail)
  5. linux headers: update linux-2.6.32. to v2.6.32.67 (detail)
  6. linux headers: update linux-3.2.x to v3.2.69 (detail)
  7. linux headers: update linux-3.19.x to v3.19.8 (detail)
  8. install new packages in network category: - dnsmasq - odhcp6c - radvd (detail)
  9. Change email address in file (detail)
  10. Change email address in file (detail)
  11. Change email address in file (detail)
  12. Packages: dnsmasq: fix trailing white space (detail)
  13. Toolchain: musl: update to v1.1.10 (detail)
  14. Build system: initial cygwin support (detail)
  15. Toolchain: gcc: update gcc-4.9 to v4.9.3 (detail)
  16. Packages: iptables: update to v1.4.21 (detail)
  17. Packages:libpcap: update to v1.7.4 (detail)
  18. Toolchain: gcc: update v4.8.x to gcc-4.8.5 (detail)
  19. Tolchain: llvm: update v3.5.x to v3.5.2 (detail)
  20. Toolchain:musl/mips: remove --disable-tls workaround as it is fixed upstream now (detail)
  21. Packages: tcpdump: disable ipv6 by default (detail)
  22. Packages: odhcp6c: when uClibc is used make sure to have ipv6 enabled (detail)
  23. Packages: radvd: remove unhandled version v2.10 (detail)
  24. Packages: radvd: when uClibc is used make sure to have ipv6 enabled (detail)

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