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Success Build O32,uClibc,octeon,LITTLE,softfloat,GCC (Nov 15, 2014 11:53:41 PM)

  1. CI: increase make parallel build jobs (detail)
  2. PAckages: atf: give ability to install its self tests (detail)
  3. CI: also install atf self tests in generated RootFS (detail)
  4. RootFS: tweak /etc/issue to display more info (detail)
  5. RootFS: Fix /etc/issue generation (detail)
  6. Toolchain: linux headers 3.16.x: update to v3.16.7 (detail)
  7. Toolchain: linux headers 3.14.x: update to v3.14.24 (detail)
  8. Toolchain: linux headers 3.12.x: update to v3.12.32 (detail)
  9. Toolchain: linux headers 3.10.x: update to v3.10.60 (detail)
  10. Toolchain: linux headers 3.2.x: update to v3.2.64 (detail)

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