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  1. Packages: e2fsprogs-libuuid: update to v1.14.12 and split it into host/target packages (detail)
  2. Host tools: mtdutils: Fix build error on macos (detail)
  3. Packages: zlib: specify AR and ARFLAGS (detail)
  4. scripts tools: import unifdef.c from kernel 7493c0ee51cc93 (detail)
  5. Toolchain: linux headers: make sure to use the last version of unifdef on mac os x (detail)
  6. Toolchain: uclibc headers: make sure to use the last version of unifdef on mac os x (detail)
  7. Host support: check is bash is available (detail)
  8. Host tools: libuuid: enable bsd-shlibs only on mac os x (detail)
  9. Host tools: libuuid: enable bsd-shlibs only on mac os x (continued) (detail)
  10. Configuration GUI: add nconfig (detail)
  11. Build system: export host os to kconfig (detail)
  12. Host tools: move gettext under dir dedicated for host tools (detail)
  13. Toolchain: eglibc/glibc: add /opt/local among locations to look for headers and libs on bsd systems (detail)
  14. Toolchain: eglibc/glibc: fix build error on mac os x (detail)
  15. Toolchain: eglibc/glibc: fix build error on mac os x (continued) (detail)
  16. TOolchain: split linux Makefile and move it to toolchain dir (detail)
  17. Host tools: update ccache to v3.1.10 (detail)
  18. Linux Kernel image build: use olddefconfig to set new symbols to their default values (detail)
  19. Bluid system: host tools: give ability to set cflags/cppflags (detail)
  20. Bluid system: host tools: make package cflags/cppflags take precedence over other defined (detail)
  21. toolchain: linux headers: add host cxxflags/cflags in make_opts (detail)
  22. Build system: add embtk_htools/usr/include among locations of headers (detail)
  23. Build system: Host tools: add a compatibility src headers (detail)
  24. Remove committed by error files (detail)
  25. Ignore .DS_Store files (detail)
  26. Build system: add compatibility code for elf.h and malloc.h for mac os x (detail)
  27. Build system: linux kernel build: libelf_host is needed when building linux kernel on mac os x (detail)
  28. Host tools: add findutils (detail)
  29. Toolchain: install find utils when mac os X is used as host development machine (detail)
  30. Host tools: update fakeroot to v1.20.2 (detail)
  31. Revert "Host tools: update fakeroot to v1.20.2" (detail)
  32. Host tools: fakeroot needs patch (detail)
  33. Packages/audio: New libsamplerate v0.1.8 (detail)
  34. Packages/audio: New alsa-lib v1.0.28 (detail)
  35. Packages/audio: New jack2 v1.9.10 (detail)
  36. Packages: updating audio kconfig and mk (detail)
  37. Build system: allow package tarball to be downloaded locally with a different name (detail)
  38. Build system: rename package variable {PKG}_FOREIGN_PACKAGE to {PKG}_PACKAGE_REMOTE (detail)
  39. Packages: jack2: locally download tarball as jack2-{version}.tar.gz (detail)
  40. Packages: jack2: when alsa driver support is enabled, also select alsa-lib (detail)
  41. Toolchain: gdb: add v7.8.1 and drop 7.6.2 support (detail)
  42. Toolchain: gcc: add v4.9.2 (detail)
  43. Build system: also set cxxflags for autotooled host package (if needed) (detail)
  44. Toolchain: fix gcc build error because of default fbracket-depth=256 when it is compiled with clang (detail)
  45. Toolchain: gcc: do not build libsanitizer when uClibc is used as C library (detail)
  46. Toolchain: do not use clang specific cflags to build gcc internal libs (detail)
  47. Packages: libressl: update to v2.1.1 (detail)

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